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Found a Daysailer, have questions

PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 7:45 pm
by kimrpaige
Hello All,
I am new to Daysailers, kinda. I have been sailing for many years, over 50 to be exact. I learned on a Sears Jetwind, then while in the Navy at NAS Jacksonville, I sailed Daysailers and Force 5's as they had those to rent. I have owned a 1982 O'Day Javelin in 1985 or so, also owned a Force 5. I now currently own a Hobie One-14 AKA Holder 14/Vagabond 14. Anyway, I just bought a outboard kicker for my boat today from CL. While there picking it up I saw a boat under cover and inquired about it, and found out it is for sale. I asked about it, owner said it was a Daysailer, I asked what year and he said it was a 1990, well I know O'Day did not build them in 1990, we checked the hull number and sure enough it is a 1990, MFG code of "RRR", so I am guessing it is a Spindrift One Design Daysailer II made by Rebel Industries. I have found pictures of their Daysailer 1, but this boat says Daysailer 2 up on the cuddy. I am going to pick it up on Tuesday as it is very cheap and in good condition, just dirty, last sailed September of last year. Also something odd is behind the cockpit and before the transom is solid except a box or square hole maybe for a battery or gas tank, most pictures I have seen does not have this, however I did see one just like it. Sorry to go on and on, just wondering if anyone here knows anything about these boats. I really never knew any other manufactures other than O'Day made them. I will update you all after I pick it up. Hopefully it sails nice, and BTW I care nothing about racing. I am in Maine on a lake about 7 miles long, so just pleasure. Thanks for listening to me, Kim

Re: Found a Daysailer, have questions

PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 8:47 pm
by GreenLake
Welcome to the forum. You may want to look at the Gallery here for pictures of comparable versions of your boat and or read some of the old threads. There's a lot of stuff that's accumulated here, but some of it is still worthwhile to go back to. (Winter evenings :) ).

If you can figure out how to post pictures that would make it much easier for the collective here to give you advice.

Re: Found a Daysailer, have questions

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:41 am
by kimrpaige
Poked around the gallery, found a Hull Number chart, that did not list Rebel as a mfg in 1990, and looks like only 15 boats were made between 1989 and 1990, very interesting. Also only found one picture of a boat with a box opening in front of the rudder, like mine. I will post pictures when I get the boat home, also I am in Florida during the winter, LOL, Very excited about my find. Kim