DS2 bow-eye replacement

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DS2 bow-eye replacement

Postby Guest » Tue Nov 24, 1998 1:00 am

Great site! Thanks for being there.
Like Chris McArthur (see "DS2 Information" thread) I have needed to replace the bow-eye on my DS(?)2, so have cut my inspection port, removed all that styrofoam and replaced the eye. Now the question - do I put all that styro back in? When it came out it was all water logged and grungy. Also, how air tight do I try to make the inspection port?
Another question - with Class # 5685 (sewn onto the sails) and Hull # 26252 on the plate on the transom, can anyone tell me what year this boat was built? Also, am I right in guessing she is a DS2?
I really enjoyed this, my first year with her, and am counting the days till spring rolls round again.
Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

Felix Graham-Jones (felix.graham-jones-at-snet.net)

Postby Guest » Wed Nov 25, 1998 1:00 am

Is it a DS II?
There were at least six manufacturers of the official DSI and DSII. Other manufacturers built boats of similar design. The list of official manufactures is shown with sail numbers and years of manufacture here.

<A HREF='http://www.convergant.com/daysailer/articles/dsbuldrchrt.htm'>http://www.convergant.com/daysailer/articles/dsbuldrchrt.htm</A>

There are good comparison pictures of both the DS I http://forum.daysailer.org/tech_rigguide.php
And DS II http://www.boonedocks.net/daysailer/pho ... 2_orig.jpg


The DS By-laws (for racing) provide good advice:
The flotation tanks as delivered by the builder shall not be altered, except that access plates with water-tight covers may be installed. Foam materials subject to water absorption or disintegration may be removed, provided they are replaced with an equal amount of flotation. Additional flotation capacity may be installed. Flotation tanks may have flotation material added.
Fair Winds

John C (pf_flyer_1-at-yahoo.com)

Postby Guest » Sun Sep 19, 1999 12:00 am

How did you repair the bow-eye? My DSII bow-eye has pulled out about 1" from the bow. Did you have to install a back up plate or just re-fiberglass it back in place? How large an inspection port did you install?
Thanks in advance!

Joe Fram (jofram-at-zeus.kern.org)

Postby Guest » Thu Sep 23, 1999 12:00 am

Some ideas on floatation. Most of our older DS I's and II's have waterlogged foam in them. One recent Canadian racer removed 63 pounds of it from a DS I. It is nice to get this dead weight out of our beloved boats. More importantly our craft can and do capsize, and are sometimes difficult to recover, especially without the foam. The class rules and common sense require that you replace the foam with fresh bouancy. No matter how well you install the ports to remove the wet foam, I would never want to trust that it would remain watertight and keep my boat from joining Davy Jones on the bottom. I make a joke , but there have been Daysailers that have sunk.. Can you swim ??
There is an interesting article in the latest DS Quarterly by Steve Grimaldi detailing how he added extra floatation under the deck coamings and rear deck with "noodles". I saw this boat at the DS Pacific Coast Championships and it looked great. Easy, cheap and it added lots of insurance floatation.

Phill Root (phillrt-at-msn.com)

Postby Guest » Fri Sep 24, 1999 12:00 am

Step one is to cut into the forward buoyancy tank.
Once you're in there it's an easy matter to get to the back side of the bow-eye. Mine was sheared off so I just had to drive out the broken stud and replace the whole thing. As you are dealing with, by my guess, the fact that the backing nut of your's has pulled through the wooden material that the eye shaft is passed through, you may need to do some repair or replacement there first.
When you've got that all squared away, slop on lots of silicone caulk, find some big fat washers of the same metal as your boweye and it's nut and cinch the whole thing up tight (keeping the eye vertical).
Patching up the access hole is an issue I'm not really resolved about. The buoyancy up front is really important, I know, but with my DS2 access between the hulls is so hard that I have , so far, decided to try to make do with a pretty air tight but removable hatch I made out of heavily epoxied plywood and lots and lots of bolts. I am sure the really right thing to do is to fair it all up with new fiberglass and I'll probably get a round toit, some day :)
Fair winds and good fortune

Felix Graham-Jones (felix.graham-jones-at-snet.net)

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