Self Bailers

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Self Bailers

Postby Bob Hunkins » Fri Sep 19, 1997 12:00 am

Does anyone else have an Elvstrom Self-Bailer on their boat?
This is the gizmo that looks like a Stainless steel wedge that rotates on a hinge and allows water to leave the boat using the venturi effect.
My boat's self bailer is located near the compression post on the port side of the boat. When it is open it sucks bilge water out and leave the interior relatively dry. However, when it is closed, water leaks in through the leaky gasket easily, making the boat very wet. I tried replacing the old gasket with ordinary weather stripping but that seems to have had little effect. Has anyone out there had to replace the old gasket on their self bailer? If so how did you do it? and what material did you use? Also, where did you get it?

If you know how to fix this thing, a poor lubber would greatly appreciate your advice.

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Postby Guest » Sat Sep 20, 1997 12:00 am

Most small boat/sailing boat stores will have replace gaskets for the Elvstrom bailer or can get them! If your's doesnÆt look on Annapolis Performance Sailing WEB site
<A HREF=""></A> or E-mail them with the bailer measurments

Gus Heismann (

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