Bailers and Boom Bits

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Bailers and Boom Bits

Postby Guest » Wed Jan 07, 1998 1:00 am

Hi folks! I have a couple of questions on some projects that I am planning for my DS1 (#2574). I wanted to install some sort of bailing system but I have the wooden floorboards that I refinished last summer, and I don't know of a system that I can use when they are installed. If you have ever seen a DS1 with these boards installed, you'll know why I am hesitant to cut them up, or worse, not use them. My second question has to do with the mast tabernacle that is mentioned a couple of times in the discussion group. I would like to hear if anyone has installed one themselves and if they had any particular difficulties doing so.

Eric Sunstrum (

Postby Guest » Thu Jan 29, 1998 1:00 am

My only suggestion IF you are going to put in bailers of any sort is cut the floor boards to allow you to install Elvstrom bailers. But I think a bucket works as well, if not better overall.

The most Rebel/Spindrift Day Sailers had a short section of mast stepped on the keelson that went up to the top of the cuddy cabin. Another mast step casting was placed on top of this mast section so that it was flush with the cabin top. A hinged mast tabernackle (available from Dwyer Mast Co.) allowed the mast to be stepped on the cabin top.

This arrangement was used with the non-tapered mast section. It could probably be done with a tappered mast but you would have to find the mast castings to fit the mast section.

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