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Postby Guest » Sat May 23, 1998 12:00 am

Hello, having just bought a DS1 I am looking for advice on repainting the hull. The boat was repainted several years ago and the paint is flaking a little bit in places. Is it difficult to repaint a DS? Do you need to flip the boat upside down? How expensive is it to do a good job?

Dave Griffith (

Postby Guest » Wed May 27, 1998 12:00 am

Your biggest investment is your time. How much are you worth an hour plus or minus how much you like working on your boat. Materials like paint, epoxy and hardware upgrades could cost serveral hundreds of dollars. A good set of used or new sails several hundreds more. Or just go sailing like she is which is usually the best advice. You will get to know your boat, add what you think is needed right now and the rest can wait till tomorrow.

Tom Dignam (

Postby Guest » Mon Jun 01, 1998 12:00 am

I have a Daysailer I that I just finished painting the outside of the hull. It cost approximately $200 to complete the job. The boat had not been painted before and had barnacles and other growth so I had to start with 2 coats of an epoxy barrier coat over the entire hull. I then put 2 coats of bottom paint below the water line and 2 coats of polyurathane above the water line. Between work and family obligations, this took me 1 month to do.

As far as turning the boat upside down to paint, I feel that it would be best and easier to work. With the help of several people, I flipped mine and set it on a couple of saw horses.

Bill Young (

Postby Guest » Wed May 19, 1999 12:00 am

This whole process is not as difficult as some would like to have you believe. First what is the condition and typre of paint on the hull? If it is really peeling scrape. Put a tarp or sheet on the ground to capture all the mess. After scraping get a sanding wheel and put it on your electric drill or if you have a grinder even better. The trick is to sand the paint off or down good so the peelings are off. Important!: keep the sander flat and use 60 grit wheel. Just time buddy, messy, not complicated. 2. Get some West system with fairing mix microballons. Any imperfections clean them up and fill with the epoxy. Sand them flat and then sand the whole boat with 180 grit sandpaper. You can use random orbit or hand, just smooth not remove! Next get a , probably not neccessary, but why not since you've done so much prep already. Follow directions. I use Easypoxy primer and put one or two coats. This will fill any pinholes and give a good base for the next step. Roll it with the epoxy roller covers and tip out with a sponge brush. Thin coats so no sags or drips. Patience. Next, get the Easypoxy paint and do a coat like the primer. VERY lightly sand between coats and do it again, this will be the last coat so try to keep it neat. I find that practice makes perfect. This will not be a professional finish, which you can have for some serious dough, or you can do it like this and have a nice looking boat. Hell if you don't like it, you can paint it again! I suggest taking all the hardware off and doing it right so that you don't gunk up the hardware or paint it in so you can ever remove it without really bunging up the paint. Also be sure to bed in silicone and back up the hardware with some large pieces of ply or lumber! And most importantly, have fun that is what it is for. Ask questions if you want, but nothing teaches you like just doing it. You can always remove the mistake.

Eric J. Nelson (

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