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Postby Guest » Sun May 31, 1998 12:00 am

I have a 1975 DSII and the wood cuddy hatches are in need of replacement. Does anybody know a good source for replacements or a source for an upgraded material like Lexan or Polycarbonate hatches? I'm looking into designing and fabricating from Polycarbonate myself unless there is already a off the shelf source.
My boat is docked and thanks to the wettest spring on record I have had to pump her out about once a week. After the second bailing I thought she still looked low in the water so I opened the inspection ports to find a fair amount of water (about 1 to 2 gallons). Is this common? If so I don't think it is good for the boat for it to remain in there until the next time the boat is out of the water but how do you get it out easily? I have a "Thirsty mate siphon hand pump but it can't get the last gallon or two out.
Lastly, is mine the only DSII that has a centerboard that jams at a 45 degree angle or less alot or is this a common problem?? I think it vacuums every little stick or debris it can find into the trunk. My previous boat was an American daysailor and it never gave me a bit of trouble. I have to drop over the side and kick the board down on this boat when it happens. It will retract by pulling the line but whatever is up in there is still causing it to jam this last time. Is there another "trick" to freeing it besides rocking the boat or the man overboard technique. Thanks in advance!

Jim Brown (www.beaner-at-fuse.net)

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