Let's Fix Anhinga! Part 1: The Gash

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Let's Fix Anhinga! Part 1: The Gash

Postby Guest » Mon Sep 08, 1997 12:00 am

<P>The boat has a small gash in the bow:</P><P><a href="/daysailer/repair/images/bow_lg.jpg"><img src="/daysailer/repair/images/bow_sm.jpg" alt="Bow Damage" border="1" width="134" height="107"></a> (click for a larger image)</p><p>How should I go about repairing this? Can I simply fill it in with some fiberglass or something and then sand it smooth?</P>

Mike Boone (BooneDocks-at-kagi.com)

Postby Guest » Tue Sep 16, 1997 12:00 am

I've had some experience with building and repairing small boats, both fiberglass and wood.

I can't tell from the picture how much room there is at that point in the hull, but the normal procedure is to secure a backing material of some sort, (cardboard works well) and if all else fails, use small wire coming through the cardboard out towards you, as you stand at the boat. I have even held the backing in place with the wire, while working the matt/cloth/resin into the hull. The backing usually stays as a permenant part of the inner hull, and doesn't show. You can go to the trouble to remove it, if you like, but it is a hassle.

Sanding is the hard part while working with fiberglass. If you have a lot to do, wear loose fitting clothes, snug at the collar and cuffs. Wear a face mask also, to keep the dust out of your lungs. Enough of it will get into your skin pores anyway, to make you itch like madman for a few days. Washing carefully in Acitone will get some of it out, but not all.

Yours looks like a small area so you may not get the full joy of fiberglass sanding, this time. Also keep your eyes protected while you work with the glass.

Other than that, it's a lot like car bodywork, make it smooth. If you run your hand softly over the area, if you can feel it, you'll be able to see it when you're done.

Good luck and good sailing when you're done. Let me know if I can help on anything.

Dave Hord (hord.dr-at-worldnet.att.net)

Postby Guest » Tue Dec 02, 1997 1:00 am

Geougeon Brothers (West System) publishes an excellent pamphlet on repairing fiberglass boats with westsystem epoxy. I have used their system and techniques with great success and recommend that you geta copy. The title is "Fiberglass BoatRepairand Maintenance" and itcosts about three bucks. You can get it and the neccessary supplies from West Marine, Defender, or direct from West.

Bob Lemaire (rlemaire-at-mediaone.com)

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