Sunfish Bailer

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Sunfish Bailer

Postby Guest » Tue May 06, 2003 4:56 pm

Does any one have experience with using a sunfish bailer on a DS II to replace the stock one. I read of other s doing this so purchased one but the shaft is a little short so I can't get the threads started.

Sean (

Postby Guest » Thu May 08, 2003 11:12 pm

The bailer for the DS II is the same as for the SUNFISH, but has a longer "pipe". You have found this out already, but I learned that when I ordered the new bailer for my boat from D&R Marine, I commented to Rudy that I had thought about buying a Sunfish Bailer (available from WEST Marine at the time) he told me that the pipe would have been too short on the sunfish bailer, besides that...the price was less from D&R.
I guess your best bet, if you can't return the bailer to the Sunfish Dealer, is to find a Sunfish owner that needs to replace the bailer, and then call Rudy to order a DS II bailer.

Rod Johnson, "SUNBIRD" (

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