Outboard Sheer Pin

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Outboard Sheer Pin

Postby Guest » Mon Jul 07, 2003 12:15 pm

Hi All,

I recently added a Merc 3 Hp motor to my DS I. I think the sheer pin is broken. Can anyone tell me how to go about replacing it. What pin to I need to buy and how do I install it? The motor is about 6 years old.


Steve Max

Steve Max (75264.153-at-compuserve.com)

Postby Roger » Mon Jul 07, 2003 10:15 pm

Take the hub off the prop by removing the cotter pin that goes transverse through the hub. Sometimes there is no hub and all you will see is a toothed nut that holds the prop to the shaft. Remove this nut, and you will see the remains of the sheer pin. If you are lucky there may be extra sheer pins on the inside of the engine cowling or right on the block of the engine itself. Most manufacturers will store some in this manner. If not, you will see the bed under the nut where the sheer pin secures the prop to the shaft. You can get a rough measure from this for a replacement sheer pin. It just slips in and then you reassemble the prop, hub, and cotter pin.

To check if your sheer pin is indeed broken, with the engine off, but in gear you should be able to spin the prop both ways with your finger. You may also hear a bit of a grinding noise if the pin is scrapes against the prop housing.

Hope this helps.
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