Splicing Amsteel

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Splicing Amsteel

Postby GreenLake » Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:56 pm

Amsteel is very easy to splice, because it doesn't have a core.

Instructions and video are found on the Samson Rope website. You need to click through to instructions for "Eye Splice for Class 2, 12-strand Ropes".

The basic way the splice works is very simple. You bury the tail of the rope in the hollow center of the braid for the standing part. Unlike the traditional three-strand rope there's no "weaving" or tucking. The splice works because, under load, the rope tightens around the buried tail, locking it in place.

There are three refinements to make the actual procedure. One is to thin (taper) part of the tail, the second is to stitch across the splice so it can't open when not under load, and the third is the way you measure how much to bury and where. That's all straightforward and in the instructions.

The instructions give length information in "fid" lengths, so that their instructions are independent of the diameter of the rope.

For 5/16" that magic length is 6-3/4", proportionally more/less for larger/smaller lines. (21 times the rope diameter).

It's not necessary to purchase a tool. I've used a 7" length of 1/4" aluminum tube for which I created a tip by squeezing together one end and filing/sanding it into a smooth shape - what shape doesn't matter so much, as long as it doesn't snag. Others have used a piece of dowel rod.

Taping the end of the rope to the tool with a short length of electrical tape has worked for me, and would work as well with a solid tool.

The one "tool" I have purchased is the needle that you need for doing the lock stitching at the end.

I've followed those procedures to make several eye splices and they are quick to do and hold well. One is on the Amsteel rope that replaced the wire on my trailer winch, and it's definitely tested for load a lot.
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