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Postby Lil Maggie » Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:35 pm

Well, Green Lake, I happen to have scored on Jportsail's like-new Hood DS spinnaker for a song...he threw in halyards and sheets but had no pole...I have driveway hoisted the chute and it looks a bit longer than the ones I see on the photo album....

Well after getting back from my first solo sail on the DS today I got working on fitting a oak dowel ( I had some square stock in the garage that I rounded off) on the spinnaker pole...it does give it some stiffness but what it really does is make it kink-proof and not that much heavier.

Mike, I've been debating on how to attach the pole ends and will probably drill & tap for 10-24 screws, I use a silicone-lok bedding on the threads that keeps electrolysis down. The dowel will keep water from flooding the tube at least, won't make it uber buoyant but it won't sink at least...

for the lift attachment I whipped in a 1-1/4" s/s ring to the center of the pole...

Thanks for all the advice,

Mike J
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