Jib sheet cars

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Jib sheet cars

Postby Salty Dog » Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:54 am

I am new to the site and new to day sailer boats. I have had a daysailer II for a long time and sailed it some 15 years ago but tore my sail and drifted away from sailing. I now have a renewed intrest that has turned into a passion (thanks to this site). I can't wait to work on my DSII and get it in the water. I don't have access to my boat as it is in storage and I am away on a job. There for I read this site and I have leared a lot about my boat. I have lots of questions most have been answered by reading and looking at pics.

What I know about jib sheet cars. Makes me think that the ones in my cockpit that came w/ my boat are too far back to get the adjustment forward to power up the top of the jib. Am I just looking at it wrong or should I place cars forward on the deck.

If I did that. should I also put barber haulers on the sheets to adjust the jib inboard and out board.

Or does all of this make very little difference on the DSII unless you are splitting hairs in a championship race.

I want to fix my boat up for good handleing and performance single hand, and I don't mind spending some money and time but I don't want to waist it either.

Their are a lot of expierence opinions to tap on this site so no need in me reinventing the wheel.
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Re: Travelers

Postby talbot » Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:16 am

Jib leads have been discussed quite a bit on the forum. The general consensus I recall is:
1. The lead adjustment on the standard tracks inside the cockpit just aft of the bulkhead does not make a huge difference. The wimpy cars tend to loosen and snap up to the forwardmost setting, but that's OK, because (again), it doesn't make much difference.
2. Barber leads do make a big difference in terms of pointing higher. There is a picture in the archive of Lollipop, former national champion, showing the placement. (Basically, right in line with the aft edge of the cuddy top.) Because the jib on the DS is so small, the barber leads do not have to be very sophisticated. Single lines from jamb cleats to each sheet work fine.
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Re: Jib sheet cars

Postby Salty Dog » Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:58 pm

Thanks talbot

I could tell by their placement that they would not make much a difference I didn't think. I was wondering if placing some cars in a place that would make a difference would be worth effort and cost. The jib may be small enough to not be worth it. I thought some one may have done it and tell me if they were satisfied with the results.
I'm going to work on my boat and making a list, didn't know to add that or not as they are a little pricey. I put the barber haulers on my list.

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