Made myself a polytarp Jib

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Made myself a polytarp Jib

Postby 109jb » Fri Oct 05, 2018 6:56 pm

Well, I didn't have a good trip to Kentucky Lake. Wind was blowing too hard for my skill, especially with no reef points in the main and a 150% genoa as my only fore sail. So I was all prepared to buy an intensity jib, but was at my local home improvement store for other stuff and saw a white heavy duty tarp. I had read online about polytarp sails and decided to give it a go. Not because I can't afford the Intensity sail, but because I like to tinker and experiment and as my wife will tell you I can't sit still. $20 seemed like a low enough price to make this worth trying. I bought the tarp, and a $2 roll of double sided indoor outdoor carpet tape and went to the checkout. Rather than use the dart approach that most polysail builder use, I elected to use a single broadseam from just above the clew and tack, with a small one in the foot to give the foot some shape. The resulting sail does have a proper luff curve and along with the broadseams, I think it will have a good shape and performance. Longevity will have to be seen, I did stitch the sail too, not relying on just the tape. Anyway, here is what it looks like hoisted. Unfortunately there was virtually no wind at all today, so I couldn't tell much about shape. I've got enough material left over I think I can make a 85% jib. Anyway, here are a few pictures.


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