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Halyard exit holes from mast

PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:36 am
by RobH912
Still sorting out my boat and looking at the rough holes that have been cut for the halyards to exit from the mast. I can see that some of the halyards rub up against some sharp edges which doesn't seem right to me.

I was thinking that I may insert these through deck fittings I found on APS on to the mast. ... screw.html

or depending on size of halyard ... screw.html

Would this be a good solution?

If I need to round out the existing cut for the fitting, is that something that I could do with a Dremel tool? Haven't worked on the mast yet, don't know how hard the metal is.

Re: Halyard exit holes from mast

PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:52 pm
by GreenLake
In principle, any hole weakens the mast, and bigger holes more so. However, you have a tabernacle, so this is all close to the end, that should make it a bit less critical, I believe.

I'm not sure whether you will be happy with the type of fairlead you show.

How about one with a block:, or possibly better one with two: The first one would work well if you had a cleat for the halyard on the mast above the through-deck fitting; the second one is better if you continue downward.

Also, in that case you need a block/fairlead on the deck that is in line with the exit. What you want is for the halyard to exit in line. All these fittings add friction. Being limited to manual pull means you really should use blocks over rings.

To enlarge the hole shouldn't be difficult. Aluminum is easy to cut or file.

Re: Halyard exit holes from mast

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:16 pm
by RobH912
GreenLake - thanks for your thoughts and links to some different hardware. I do understand the "What you want is for the halyard to exit in line." comment.

I believe that all these issues / holes are all a result from the conversion to the tabernacle mast set up and U too have been a little worried about more / larger holes in the mast.

First I had thought about and looked at some sheave type blocks but they required me to further cut out the existing holes in the mast, almost 2x size that they are now, so I started to look at something that might prevent the halyard from chaffing against the metal knowing that I was not gaining any mechanical advantage.

I'll remeasure the holes compared to the APS link specs, but the web site does say that it will be 2 -3 weeks before shipping.

Need to get the boat in the water, and start sailing this week. Missed first club race yesterday.

My most immediate need is to figure out a solution for the Main Halyard. Some pictures below of current set up, main halyard is RED.

The Main Halyard comes out of an existing slot in the mast, looks like a mast slot to feed the main sail, there is a small block that doesn't really do anything, halyard leads down to a block on the deck, redirects halyard to a cam cleat. Previous owner said that cam cleat "did not hold the main halyard tight" and thought a regular cleat would be better... thinking that halyard is not all in line and pulling itself out of the cam cleat.

Think I will first remove the cam cleat, install a regular cleat, get sailing, while ordering/waiting for the second block you referenced to arrive for the main halyard... do that later this summer.

Re: Halyard exit holes from mast

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 2:09 pm
by GreenLake
Looks like that block can be moved down. Perhaps some different position gives a better effect?

Re: Halyard exit holes from mast

PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:57 pm
by RobH912
Yes The block below the main halyard exit hole is just screwed into the mast / sail track so it could be moved down and screwed into a different place. I did unscrew it and used some cord to tie the block to some other positions on the mast (testing locations) but different positions below the exit hole really doesn't help reduce friction pulling on the halyard.

I'm just going to install a horn cleat for now, use the exiting blocks/exit point and order one of the APS sheave like exit blocks that we've talked about above and install it exiting the side of the mast. I'll remove the cam cleat that isn't working... the deck over the caddy has SO many patched holes from different hardware configurations over the years, two more holes will not matter.


Re: Halyard exit holes from mast

PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:54 pm
by tomodda

I wrote this in anther post, but I'll repeat here:

-Suggestion, based on some of your other photos in the "Halyard" discussion that you started, swap the position of the jib and main halyards.. halyard inboard to keep it as much inline with the mast slot as possible, jib outboard, so you minimize chafe against the side of the "custom" hole in the mast. And yeah, get regular horn cleats.

Question for you, what's the blue line coming off the boom? What's the yellow line that goes thru a block?

I'm assuming all those lines on the starboard side of the cuddy are spinnaker controls - uphaul, downhaul, halyard. You may want to consider running those thru the cuddy roof and controlling from the centerboard. But you have bigger problems to solve first - the main and jib halyards, the gooseneck/boom situation. I look forward to seeing how you solve this puzzle.....

Fair winds!