sail measurements, please

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sail measurements, please

Postby calden » Wed Aug 16, 2006 12:23 pm

Hey all:

In acquiring new sails from an independent maker, I'm wondering about their specificed measurements. I pointed them to the DS Handbook on this site and the accompanying drawing, but the measurements in the buyers agreement don't seem to be what the boom band and mast band indicate for "allowable" luff and foot lengths. Are sails ever made to those "maximum" luff, leach, and foot lengths, or are these figures to account for stretching the sail, and in fact a regulation mainsail has slightly smaller dimensions?

I'd appreciate it greatly if someone could take a few minutes and measure your Jotz or North or other "stock" DS mainsail and give me those figures.

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Postby KaiB » Wed Aug 16, 2006 5:58 pm


Iff'n you can wait till Sat AM, I'll get you my (orig O'Day sails) numbers.

It will be interesting to see the range of numbers as you get them.

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Re: sail measurements, please

Postby DesertRat » Sat Mar 30, 2019 11:47 am

This is an old thread but...

I was just looking at adding reef points to my old DS I sail, so I wanted to measure to get proportions. Everything online says that the mainsail should have a foot of 10' and a luff of 20'.5. As my sail lays out on the floor it has a foot of 9' and a luff of 18.5. When I raise it on the mast, I have to stretch it pretty hard. I'm imagining that with all that stretch it might eek out to the standard dimensions.

Standard dimensions say SA for the main is 102. So looking at putting in reefs at 25% and 50%. I saw someone else here who suggested the first reef would go in at about 28" above the tack. Sounds about right. Another reef 13' down from the head would put it at about 50%.

I'm a rather novice sailor. I've never used a reef in actual practice. But I've taken a capsize in a dinghy once because I should have used a reef but didn't. Two reefs sounds like an awfully lot of adventure for me. Not sure I can handle that much adventure.
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Re: sail measurements, please

Postby GreenLake » Sat Mar 30, 2019 1:17 pm

@DesertRat. The Zombie thread exhumation business has been quite thriving of late ;)

You are right, the sail measurements you give are for when the sail is set, because they are taken on the mast and boom and limit the maximum distance of head and tack, tack and clew respectively.

As for reef placement - there are other practical details that you should take into consideration. We have had a recent thread on putting in reef points titled "Sailrite Reefing Kit". It's in the "Rigging" section. Reefing is on of those topics that require both modifications to the sail as well as to the running rigging. I wonder whether we should not merge those to sections of the forum . . .

I've put an answer to your other questions there.
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