Corroded mast/need replacement

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Corroded mast/need replacement

Postby Desiderata » Sun Jun 16, 2019 8:41 am

Hi all! I am in need of a used replacement mast for my newly acquired DS2! The mast that came with my DS2 has a number of holes due too corrosion from salt air and lack of proper care for a nice DS2. I live in the central part of New Hampshire and looking forward to sailing on my local lake if I can find a used mast. I can use a DS1's mast and make it fit. I could purchase a new one, but my wife says funds are not available for that purchase this year. If any member in the north east can help me out I would be very greatful!
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Re: Corroded mast/need replacement

Postby tomodda » Mon Jun 17, 2019 12:22 pm


Sorry to hear about your "holey" mast, I feel your pain. Be forewarned, unless you find someone within driving distance who has a mast to spare, the shipping will cost you as much if not more than the mast. Two suggestions for you:

-Only you and wife know what your budget is, but... Rudy at D&R sells the Daysailer mast for just shy of $600 (naked, no hardware, you'd have to strip the spreaders, etc off you old mast). Assonet, MA is 2-3 hours drive from you. Trailer your boat down there along with a load of tools and swap masts/hardware onsite, with Rudy technical knowledge close at hand.

-Find a salvage boat on Craigslist. For instance, the Finger Lakes Craigslist is showing a salvage DS2 for $300 as of 6/8/19: ... 01134.html

Buy this one, drive 7ish hours to pick it up, tow it home and you've got a new mast and whatever other parts are useful to you. Take the hull to the nearest junkyard (sorry! some projects are beyond repair) and sell the trailer. Hint - this guy has been trying to sell that broken DS for over a month, this is a relisting... so negotiate!

How do I find this stuff? and then search for "O'Day Daysailer". There's plenty of folks who can't type, so also try "DaysailOr", "Daysailer 17" "Daysailer 16" etc. Every few months, there is a salvage DS, so good luck!

Best regards and Fair Winds,

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Re: Corroded mast/need replacement

Postby Desiderata » Tue Jun 18, 2019 6:15 pm

Thanks for your great suggestionTom. I'll check out the site for parts. I am hoping to have a replacement mast from a destroyed DSI that I got a lead on. I then spoke with Rudy and got some great advice on making it fit my DSII. So, hopefully I will have a used mast this weekend then order new shrouds from Rudy and begin the install on my DS. If all goes well, I'll be ready to sail by July. Thanks again for the great advice.
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Re: Corroded mast/need replacement

Postby rnlivingston » Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:11 pm

I have a keel stepped mast from a 1966 Daysailer 1. It was stored in a garage for 20 plus years, so in excellent condition. Will sell for $75.00. (no halyards or stays)
Located in Webster, Massachusetts.

contact me at if interested.
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