Electric wiring for trolling motor/battery on DS3

Regarding the DS3 only. Note that the DS3 is not a class-legal Day Sailer.

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Electric wiring for trolling motor/battery on DS3

Postby jefflw » Thu Oct 09, 2008 6:44 pm

I want to store the battery for my 1985 DS3 trolling motor in the cuddy. Any suggestions on placement. Close to base of mast or further forward? Also suggestions on securing. I have a Minn Kota battery box that came with a few little screws to hold down a securing strap. I dont think these screws will do much if I capsize though. I am worried about screwing something into the hull.

Also need suggestions about running the wire to the battery. I like the idea I have seen about the wire being routed within the seat and having a connector close to the transom. Any issues with drilling a hole in the side of the seat for the connector, i.e. will this hurt any floatation in there. I would also need to drill a hole within the cuddy which I assume I will have to seal with marine sealant. What about the wire itself and connector, they are most likely going to come into contact with water in there. How can I protect them?

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battery mount behind the mast

Postby Roger » Thu Oct 09, 2008 11:38 pm

I mounted my battery behind the mast, and bought a set of cheap booster cables, cut off the clamps and attached appropriately sized ring connectors. I also had a battery switch inside the cuddy. The cable ran through a 1/2' hole in the bulkhead that lead to the space behind the seat, then back to the transom. It let out thorugh a samll rubber grommet fitted hole near the transom and to the motor. I cannot recall how I connected it near the motor, but I do recall the motor lines and booster cable being spliced. Perhaps there was no disconnect! I too used a battery box. The cuddy floor behind the mast is flat and there is a hollow space between it and the hull so it is safe to attache the box with the strap that it came with and the clips that allow the strap to be secured down. I have not had the battery come loose and have been in some pretty rough conditions.

I can sent pictures of the arrangement if you wish. e-mail me at roger02 att mts dott net and ask for the ds2 battery set up pics.
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Postby albanysailer » Fri Oct 10, 2008 9:58 am

My battery is mounted just forward of the mast step, amidships. I secured it to the cuddy floor with heavy duty velcro strips, so far so good. Probably not enough to hold it down in the event of a capsize, but I think the weight of the battery would rip the top off the box anyway...

I ran my wire (6ga. I believe) back to the transom through pvc pipe. It is run along the port drainage channel in the cockpit. Pretty easy to install, and if I ever wanted to not have electric, there would be no holes in the boat.

I mounted an outdoor electrical box on the transom which holds a wood block with two bolts through it that the wires from the battery connect to the quick disconnect wire for my motor.

Good luck!
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Postby Isabella12 » Tue Nov 03, 2009 10:35 am

The external battery terminals allow trolling motor leads and charger leads to be connected without opening the box, while the built-in battery meter lets you know how much juice you have left.
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