What does your group do for FUN?

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What does your group do for FUN?

Postby CentralCoastSailor » Fri Jan 05, 2024 1:23 pm

Hi all - in a recent fleet meet some of the folks brought up "we want more fun in 2024". For many just racing (and even winning) is all the fun they need. But it's pretty clear that many in our fleet want fun besides racing.

My question: what can we do for "organized fun" with the DS Fleet. I've got some ideas and we'll kick around the topic at our upcoming fleet128 meet. Ahead of that I'd love to hear ideas from others about what kinds of organized "fun" events folks do.

THANKS in advance

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Re: What does your group do for FUN?

Postby GreenLake » Sat Jan 06, 2024 2:52 am

Are you looking for fun with boats or apart from boats?

With boats, I can think of a number of things. There are various variations of the "cruise in company" concept.

Depending on what's available/accessible locally, you could set a course around a fixed point with the goal being to simply enjoy being out on the water and to meet up afterwards. Or, you can pick a destination that allows for a meal / picnic / BBQ at the far end, with or without overnight camping on the beach.

Unless of course, you can get people to do a more ambitious full weekend going one-way (with some organized way to retrieve trailers).

Any of those can be combined with elements of a treasure hunt. If you include clues that are visible from the water (but only from certain points) you don't even need to deposit anything beforehand.

DaySailers are great for this because they are comfortable enough to go for distances longer than a typical race course and without the need to be competitive on speed, they have room for additional crew/passengers, so you can make this a family event.

I don't have a local fleet, but I've done a cruise in company (full day daysailing) with another small boat and that was lots of fun. I also been part of larger, week-long cruise in company events with camping. Different kind of fun.

Depending on the location, you may have the ability to sail to a destination with a dock and / or restaurant. That can be fun, even if you don't make it a dinner, but just meet for ice cream.

It's a matter of time commitment. Can you get people to come out for a full day or a weekend?
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