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Re: Texas Sailing

Postby Salty Dog » Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:42 pm

Hi K C

Yeh that is what i was concerned with. If I was running 70 my DS trailer tires would be covering the ground as if they were runnung 120. Putting bigger weels on you would have to back your trailer further into the water to launch.

I am probly making more of this than matters. I was just reading Bobs post about getting more acctivity in the SW area driving around to rigattas and I did not know if my trailer would do it. and if people that went to the nationals in MD. drug their boats from long distance on trailers like mine. It may be fine. I just did not want to pass up the chance for some input from anyone if their was a problem.

Thanks Calvin
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Re: Texas Sailing

Postby jeadstx » Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:37 pm

Having gone to the Texas 200 3 times, I have some long distance experience with my boat. For that event I trailer the boat from the Austin area (Dripping Springs) to Port Isabel, Texas which is about 340. The day before we start sailing we drive the empty trsilers up to Seadrift which is about 245 miles. Then at the end of the event we drive home, which for me is about 165 miles. Total trailering trip is about 750 miles. I carry a spare tire. I've had no problems while trailering and my trailer is original to the boat. My DS2 is a 1976 model. The only problem I have had was before starting the drive in 2011 I broke the grease zerk on the hub. We rigged a patch and still made the trip without problem. New grease zerks (Bearing Buddies) have been added since then. I've never have used the spare I carry. When I trailer for the Texas 200 the boat has more in it than standard trailering since it usually has water (12 plus gallons) and most of the camping supplies already loaded in it. The boat trailers well. I used to trailer horses, they get bored and cause problems, the boat just sit there.


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Re: Texas Sailing

Postby Salty Dog » Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:27 pm

Hi John

Your trailer looks just like mine. I guess I was worried about nothing then. I have trailered alot also just nothing with small tires for very far.

thanks alot. Calvin
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