The Kaleigh B & Webster Lake MA

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The Kaleigh B & Webster Lake MA

Postby Thomasjbrothersjr » Mon Jul 15, 2013 12:04 am

Sunny, 85 winds 15 mph gutting 20+

We have finally put the Kaleigh B through a legitimate day of sailing now. Over the last month it went like this, Lake Massabesic NH... mainsail only, first day. Lake Winnipesauke NH... Motor only, no wind. . Lake Winnisquam... Jib only, a whole other story.

Lake Webster proved to me why everyone raves about the O'Day Daysailer. We spent the afternoon up on the rails getting comfortable with this super stable boat. It handles extremely well. I cant say enough about the fun we had. You guys know the drill, heeled over, water over the rail, shitting your pants. I have been sailing a Hobie 16 for a few years now and we sail it hard, if it ain't blowin' we ain't goin'. What we had at Lake Webster was the type of sailing I love, fast and on edge. My biggest concern with the Kaleigh B was not pushing her too hard. We keep a ton of stuff in the cuddy and really don't want to lose it. Not to mention I have read that it can be a nightmare righting it.

I had a great crew, my Dad. It was my father who first brought me sailing over 25 years ago on a little wet boat. He brought me along from the days of his little Bombadier main sail only, to his wide, slow Capri Daysailer, to the Catalina 25. As I grew up in inches our boats grew up in feet. It makes me smile to see my father at the helm again. He hasn't lost his touch either.

Biggest concern about that day was the cost of launching my boat at Lake Webster. $50 bucks a day for non-residents, $250 for a season pass. I found it sorta pricey. Get this... $30 for a residential season pass. WOW. There is a free town launch with limited parking and no place to rig my girl. Any help would be appreciated. I know there used to be a fleet down there, 49 maybe?
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Re: The Kaleigh B & Webster Lake MA

Postby GreenLake » Mon Jul 15, 2013 6:25 am

Pictures or it didn't happen :)
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Re: The Kaleigh B & Webster Lake MA

Postby rnlivingston » Mon Jul 15, 2013 11:42 am

I wish you had let me know you were coming to Webster Lake. You could have launched for free at the Webster Sailing Association as my guest. Let me know the next time you want to sail there. And if you are interested in a reasonably inexpensive place to keep your boat, membership is $302.00 the first year and $225.00 after that. If gives you a mooring or dry sailing spot plus all the benefits of a nice facility. Check out

Sorry for the commercial. I couldn't help myself.

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Re: The Kaleigh B & Webster Lake MA

Postby crystalcomet » Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:02 pm

$15 to Launch your boat in Lake Monomonac.(located in Rindge,Nh and Winchendon,Ma.)he Crystalcomet is already there and waiting for a friendly race to the end of lake and back.
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