Activating / reactivating a fleet

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Activating / reactivating a fleet

Postby dssec » Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:33 pm

Since we now have a new fleet - fleet 135 (first fleet we have established since I have been secretary), I want others to know how to do this.
If you have three sailers in the same area, and all are active members of the day sailer association, all you have to do is request fleet status. If there was a fleet in your area, I will reactivate your fleet. If you are new, I assign a number to you.

Per our constitution:
5.16 Fleets are the local units of the Association and shall each be composed of at least three Members in Voting Status. Fleets shall be self-governing concerning local matters not conflicting with the Association or its actions. Each Fleet shall elect its own officers, to include, but not be limited to, a Fleet Captain and Fleet Secretary. The Fleet Captain shall be responsible to the Regional Vice President for the organization of the Fleet and compliance with the provisions of the Association Constitution and By-Laws.
5.17 A Fleet may be formed by applying to the Association Secretary for grant of a fleet charter. Fleet charters and numbers are granted by the Governing Board and signed by the Secretary,and may be revoked by the Governing Board for failure to maintain three Members in Voting Status or for serious breach of the Constitution or By-Laws. Organizers of new Fleets are encouraged to contact the Regional Vice President of the Region in which the Fleet will be situated.
5.18 Each Fleet is encouraged to elect a Fleet Measurer to assist in all aspects of yacht measurement, specifications, and eligibility at the local level.
5.19 Obligations: The Association shall not be liable for any debts of its Fleets or Officers.
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