San Diego: New Fleet?

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San Diego: New Fleet?

Postby Guest » Thu Nov 08, 2001 3:06 pm

Anyone who is interested in starting a new fleet in the San Diego area please contact me. I would
like to organize a fleet in the South Bay and would
like to meet with anyone interested. Would
also like to start racing in this area.

Edward Pieters (

Postby Guest » Thu Nov 08, 2001 6:15 pm

Ed. Did you just move here from Oregon? I have had a hook out for San Diego Fleet members for a couple of years. Someone recently told me they were moving here and would contact me when they got here. Jim and Pat Skeen recently sent me a name and address of someone who lives in National City, and the Skeens also said a new boat was being shipped to the SD area from CCSB. I've only seen one other DS in SD in the 5 years I've had my boat, and only saw that one once. We need three, now to find those others......


Postby Guest » Thu Nov 08, 2001 6:20 pm

Yes I just reread my e-mail from the Skeens. Welcome. We live in Ocean Beach and usually sail on Mission Bay, Santa Clara Point. It's a long plans?


Re: San Diego: New Fleet?

Postby windsway » Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:05 pm

San Diego. Just bought a 25th anniversary model and will sail her for the first time 6-8-14 on Mission Bay. Most of the posts on this site are very old but that is what I like about this boat: history. Would be interested in sailing with other DS's in the area.

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