A Different Daysailer

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A Different Daysailer

Postby Guest » Tue Mar 21, 2000 1:00 am

I was wondering if anyone had any information on a boat that I have owned for the past ten years. It was mfg. by Sailstar Corp. (long out of business). It is a 14ft. daysailer called a Tallstar, very similar to the Daysailer I. I know it was designed by Bob Baker of R.I. but who came first Baker or O'Day etc. Does anyone know when they were built, how old is this fiberglass boat? Is a rigging brochure available from anyone? I also have a 1954 3hp. Johnson outboard that came with it. Yes, it still runs. Was this design the first of the Daysailors? Any information would be appreciated.

Bob Benick (sailstar14-at-yahoo.com)

Postby Guest » Sat Mar 25, 2000 1:00 am

I can't help you, but you might try the current builder of the daysailer, Cape Cod shipbuilding. They have been around for a while and may have info on some of their older competitors. I once got a bunch of Info on a Blue Jay that was built by Mc Nair (I think, it was a while ago) from Sparkman and Stephens I think it was. S&S was in Conn, so you might try them too, if they are still around.

J.P. Clowes (jpclowes-at-hotmail.com)

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