need year built for boat

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need year built for boat

Postby Guest » Mon Aug 07, 2000 7:01 pm

Wife has a 17-DS, class #3240, hull #17683. what year was it built, where, and where is the best place to get parts? any help GREATLY appreciated.

Mike Johnston (

Postby Guest » Tue Aug 08, 2000 11:29 am

Until you get a definitive answer I can provide you w/ my best guess. Class #3240.... That should be a DS 1 built in the '66 - '69 timeframe.

Kevin Clark
DS 11791 (an '84 Spindrift DS 1)

Kevin Clark (

Postby Guest » Thu Aug 10, 2000 11:29 am

Not sure about model year for your DS I, but for parts the best sources are Cape Cod Shipbuilding and D&R Marine. Also, be sure to check out the Day Sailer Class Association Web-Site ( as there are a lot of DS I tips and advice there!
CCSB is the present builder of the Day Sailer and they have a large selection of replacement parts for all Day Sailers. D&R Marine 508-644-3001 is run by Rudy Nickerson who is the former Parts Dept. Manager for O'Day. CCSB is in Wareham, Ma. and D&R is in Assonet, Ma. Both are listed on this web-page under parts.

Rod Johnson (

Postby Guest » Fri Aug 11, 2000 12:39 pm

Check the link from this site's home page for hull numbers. ... drchrt.htm

I have 1986 DS 3 with hull 13222. If you have a Hull in the 17 thousands........

Tom Mack
Emmaus, Pa.

Tom mack (

Postby Guest » Mon Aug 14, 2000 11:58 am

One important point that should be mentioned. before the Hull I.D # requirement went into effect (31-Oct-72) O'Day used two numbers on every boat. The first was the "Class #" this indicates the number of that particular boat in it's class, for instance my 1969 Widgeon was "class#" 1791, that means it was the 1791st
Widgeon built.
The second number on every O'Day built before 1973 model year was the "Hull Number", this indicates the number of that boat based on the TOTAL number of boats that O'Day had built up to that time. For instance,if my Widgeon had a hull# of 12596, it would have been the 12596th boat that O'Day built in their history. Or to put it another way, the very first Day Sailer might have been Hull# 1, Class# 1. If O'Day built 1000 boats total by the time Day Sailer #600 was built, she would have been Hull# 1000, class# 600.
By the way, if you were to look at the DSA membership list, you will find that not every DS owner understands this since there are numbers all over the place that do not seem to agree with the model years that the owners list! For reference, my 1979 DS II is class# 10201.

Rod Johnson (

Postby Guest » Tue Aug 15, 2000 11:47 am

I rechecked the info on my old Widgeon, her hull# was 22698, and as I say, I think she was built as a 1969 model. This may give a rough date to other O'Day owners based on their boats' hull number. Class# was 1791 of the Widgeon class.

Rod Johnson (

Postby Guest » Tue Aug 15, 2000 3:33 pm

How would one determine "Hull Number"?

In the process of restoring an early DS1, I've located the number "3036" etched into the hull on the interior of the cockpit. Based on the explanation above, this would seem to be Class #.

I do not believe the main sail is original and therefore would not likely carry the original sail number.

Where do I go from here?

Trevor (

Postby Guest » Tue Aug 29, 2000 11:32 pm

I have Hull no. 26168 and Class no. 4886 so, according to Dave's chart and Rod's info my boat is a 1971-1972 DSII? The name plate is on the inside stern and says built by O'Day Corporation.

John Heckman (

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