GPS recommendation

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GPS recommendation

Postby SCKDAYSAILER » Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:35 am

What model GPS do you use? Why?
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Re: GPS recommendation

Postby GreenLake » Mon Apr 08, 2019 11:58 am

The main ways I use my GPS is to get speed reading and to download a track of where I've been. Don't need electronic charts, because most navigation is by landmarks anyway, and I sail largely on familiar waters. I use a Garmin 72H. It's mounted in a corner at the transom, so I can look back when I want to know how fast I'm going, but otherwise it doesn't distract me. After each trip, I download the track data and use freeware to display.

It's worth looking at tracks like that. If I know I sailed some leg close hauled, I can deduce wind shifts from any bends in the track. Our local lake has some places where such shifts are given by topography and are a fixed feature. Being able to "map" them like this has given me better understanding of local conditions.

When I got my new electric motor, I had lots of existing tracks with the old motor that I could compare to (the new one is a fraction of a knot faster). I also found, using live readings, that sitting at the very front of the cockpit added .3 knots.

Some people would use a smartphone app for what I'm using my GPS for. I prefer a dedicated device. Also one that is cheaper if it goes overboard ...

Finally, I have used a GPS like that with paper charts to navigate in fog once. Not something you can do single-handed, but knowing it can be done. I do have a laminated set of charts for some of my local areas if I need them.

Only times I ever grounded was when someone else was navigating using a chart plotter. :roll:
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Re: GPS recommendation

Postby jalmeida51 » Mon Apr 08, 2019 1:30 pm

I used a Garmin hand held model when I sailed a Rhodes19. I did a lot of trailering to Maine and the Florida Keys. I believe it was a model 76? Now I stay in the Punta Gorda, Fl area, I can get by with a compass and chart. I do miss the speed readout but it was hard to use sailing single handed. I just sail local now and really I don't use the compass or chart. If I go aground in Charlotte Harbor, I just push off. I wouldn't buy another GPS unless I was sailing where there was a lot of fog or sailing in a new location. Never used it that much, due to I sail single handed and looking at the screen, Just was too much for me to do. John
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