Pattern for Sail Bag (Boom)

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Pattern for Sail Bag (Boom)

Postby Anstigmat » Sat Aug 01, 2020 4:38 pm

I would like to make or have made a sail bag (not sure if I have the term right) for my DS1's main sail. When on our mooring I'd like to lower the sail into it then put the tent over that. Does anyone have a pattern for such a thing? I have a relative who does industrial sewing so she could make me one if I provided the pattern for her.

Actually she could also make seat pads or a tent as well, assuming someone has the pattern.

Let me know!

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Re: Pattern for Sail Bag (Boom)

Postby GreenLake » Sat Aug 01, 2020 11:49 pm

On bigger boats, or boats that have sail slugs, it's common to flake the sail on the boom, with the slugs remaining in the lower part of the sail track. That requires a sail cover that's not flat, but has a peak to accommodate the fact that the very forward part of the sail is not folded as flat as the rear.

Me, I think doing it that way is unnecessarily complicated for a DS: because our sails are so much smaller, it's possible for one person to take the sail off the mast. When you do that, you can roll it (not any slower than flaking, and certainly faster than flaking a sail unassisted) and the roll can be made to be pretty cylindrical. That means, you can simply take a tube as sail bag.

I leave my sail on the boom, but because the mast comes down, the boom does as well, however, if I want to put the sail in the bag, I slide it over boom and sail in one go (after making sure there's slack in the mainsheet). When I dock somewhere for a few hours, I usually don't cover the sail. I still take the sail down all the way, and either flake or roll it - depends on whether I have a helper. By taking the sail all the way down, I free up the halyard and use that to hold up the boom / not doing all of this often enough to warrant a topping lift.

If you rolled your sail and had it in a tubular cover, you could suspend that directly under the boom and then have the tent over the boom as if there was no sail (but you might want to keep your boom raised a bit for more headroom. Anyway, from the response you should conclude that there's no such thing as "the" pattern: it depends on how you want to store your sail. Same with a tent. It depends on whether it rests on a level boom (vs. higher at the tail, or peaked at the forward end due to a sail with sail slides still in the mast track), and on the height of the boom when you want to use it (which could be higher than when you are sailing). Some people like to use the bendy fiberglass poles to create a cylindrical dome shape for the tent which makes it way more cosy for camping - some people literally adapt existing tents for that purpose and use a heavy duty cover only for storage.

However, there may be some people here who can share their particular designs. Do look through the older threads and posts to get additional ideas.

Seat pads would be a bit different for a DS1 from a DSII, so something you should just probably create a cardboard template. Anybody who knows enough about sowing should be able to turn that into a pattern for the desired style of seat pad.
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Re: Pattern for Sail Bag (Boom)

Postby jalmeida51 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:30 pm

If you want a sail cover go to it shows how to measure for a sail cover. Also look at it will show you how to make a sail cover.

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